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About the company

The Parliamentary Group is an esteemed and sophisticated government relations firm situated in the heart of Ottawa. The firm is home to a distinguished team of former parliamentarians, senior civil servants, and strategic private sector advisors who possess remarkable experience and insights. They provide a comprehensive suite of services, including tailored strategic planning, robust advocacy, stakeholder engagement, and more. The Parliamentary Group also has an array of meeting spaces available, supported by seasoned strategists to ensure effective collaboration and successful outcomes. From the complexities of policy understanding to stakeholder engagement, The Parliamentary Group stands as a pillar of professionalism and expertise in the Canadian government landscape.


Attract potential clients with persuasive design and informative content.
Provide comprehensive information about our government relations services and capabilities.
Facilitate user-friendly interactions, making it easy for clients to reach out to us.
Ensure our website provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for visitors.
Make certain our website is optimized for viewing on mobile devices, catering to the needs of our on-the-go clientele.


Phase 1


Prototyping: While architecting a site wireframe for The Parliamentary Group, a multitude of factors had to be considered to ensure the website was both effective and user-friendly. Understanding the target audience, the site's purpose, and the necessary content and features to include were vital in determining the website's overall design and layout. Additionally, technical aspects such as the platform or content management system employed, the necessity for responsive design, and potential integrations with other systems or services required careful consideration. By acknowledging these aspects, the developer successfully created a site wireframe that proficiently displayed The Parliamentary Group's services and capabilities, thereby providing an engaging and easy-to-navigate experience for website visitors.

Phase 2


At The Parliamentary Group, we paid meticulous attention to the design of our website, including the creation of a distinctive style guide. The professional and clean aesthetic was chosen to mirror the polished and efficient nature of our government relations firm, while sophisticated design elements served to reflect the expert nature of our services and team. This design scheme and style serve to forge a unified visual identity for The Parliamentary Group and assists in reinforcing our brand. The goal of our style guide was to generate a website that was visually compelling, consistent, and reflective of our commitment to delivering high-quality, personalized services for our clients.

Phase 3

Bringing it All Together

The newly redesigned website for The Parliamentary Group is sharp and professional, mirroring the expertise and acumen of the firm. The use of compelling design elements and straightforward navigation tools allows for effortless access to vital information about our services and capabilities. The website is also optimized for swift loading times, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for visitors. This redesign has facilitated a more unified and user-friendly online presence for The Parliamentary Group, making it straightforward for potential clients to learn about our services and get in touch with us.

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